Vector Photonics was invited to the APPG for Photonics and Quantum in Westminster to advise government on the future of UK photonics.

Vector Photonics joined a select group of companies invited to Westminster by the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Photonics and Quantum, to help advise government on the future of UK photonics. Government recognises the pivotal role photonics now plays in UK manufacturing productivity and was keen to understand what they can do to keep the UK at the forefront of this rapidly growing, global industry.

Euan Livingston, Sales and Marketing Director at Vector Photonics, said, “The APPG for Photonics and Quantum meeting provided a forum for UK photonics leaders to advise government and other stakeholders on how best they can serve the industry. The businesses invited demonstrated a wide breadth of photonics applications and benefits, including our PCSEL technology reducing energy consumption in datacentres and enhancing 3D metal and plastic printing.

“Government funding, through organisations like Innovate UK, has been key to our success. It facilitates high-risk, new technology development and helps leverage private equity investment – all essential to up-scaling spin-out and start-up companies like ours. The talent pool of engineers could also be larger, if government better addressed gender, ethnicity, and diversity in schools, such as through STEM.”

The APPG for Photonics and Quantum was established by Carol Monaghan, MP for Glasgow Northwest, in 2016, comprising MPs from all political parties. Carol is the current chair and member of the House of Commons’ Science and Technology Select Committee.

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