Vector Photonics to commercialise an uncooled, 1 Watt, 1310nm, CW PCSEL for next-generation, cloud datacentres.

Vector Photonics will begin commercialisation of an uncooled, 1 Watt, 1310nm, CW PCSEL. The datacoms PCSEL is for the interconnects, silicon photonics and CPO used in next-generation, cloud datacentre applications. A 1-Watt laser offers significant, optical power increases over incumbent DFB technology, with countless manufacturing and energy saving benefits. The 1 Watt laser leverages Vector Photonics’ existing PCSEL commercialisation work.

Dr. Richard Taylor, CTO of Vector Photonics, said, “An uncooled, 1 Watt PCSEL is a game-changer for cloud datacoms applications. Currently, next-generation datacentre interconnects must deliver 800Gbps, increasing to 1.6 Tbps and then 3.2 Tbps over the next decade. The 1 Watt PCSEL enables this development, with a significant reduction in the quantity of lasers required over DFB technology. The interconnects, silicon-photonics chips and CPO systems, where they are used, become significantly easier to make, with the likelihood of improved yield and reliability. In addition, the 1 Watt PCSEL has a symmetrical far-field which requires less operational power to achieve the necessary performance.

“The full impact of a 1 Watt PCSEL is yet to be quantified. However, these high-power lasers will change the entire architecture of datacoms chips and systems. Further, significant benefits include reduced power consumption, heat, latency, and manufacturing costs.”

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