Vector Photonics’ successful ECOC 2023 exhibition included an open day, multiple technology presentations, and the announcement of Bill Ring’s appointment.

Vector Photonics enjoyed an extremely successful ECOC 2023 exhibition with its ‘Vector Presents’ open day; staff delivering three, invited, technology presentations; and the announcement that industry heavy-weight, Bill Ring, has joined the company.

ECOC 2023 saw many of the world’s leading fibre optic, communications companies come to Glasgow, home city to Vector Photonics. Technology Scotland had organised a stand share for the use of Vector Photonics and fellow Scottish photonics cluster companies, Alter Technology TUV Nord UK, Chromacity, Fraunhofer UK Research, Helia Photonics and pureLiFi. Vector Photonics took advantage of the exhibition’s close proximity and invited customers and supply chain partners to an ‘open day’ at its facility in Glasgow, to see its development labs and meet the engineers. Euan Livingston, Sales and Marketing Director, also updated visitors on the commercialisation progress of its PCSEL and surface coupling laser platforms, ideal for telecoms and datacoms applications.

Vector Photonics’ staff were invited to make three technology presentations during ECOC. CTO, Dr. Richard Taylor, presented the ‘Potential of PCSELS for Optical Wireless Communications, at the OWC special event, as a guest of pureLiFi. Anna O’Dowd, Design Engineer, presented ‘PCSELs: innovation through simulation’, as a guest of the International Symposium for Optical Interconnects in Data Centres. Euan Livingston presented, ‘Lasers for Quantum Applications’, as a guest of the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC), in their TechWatch session.

Finally, there was great interest within the photonics industry at the announcement that photonics-industry heavy-weight, Bill Ring, had joined Vector Photonics as Chief Product Officer, helping to fast-track the company’s laser commercialisation.

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