Vector Photonics PCSEL arrays emit four, concurrent, 1300nm wavelengths targeting 800Gb, datacoms applications.

Vector Photonics has successfully produced 1300nm, all-semiconductor PCSELs (Photonic Crystal Surface Emitting Lasers) targeting 800Gb, datacoms applications. The PCSEL arrays emit four, concurrent, 1300nm wavelengths, with a SMSR (Side-Mode-Suppression Ratio) measurement of around 35dB. This revolutionary development in laser capability comes as the datacoms industry meets at the OFC exhibition in San Diego, later this month.

Dr. Richard Taylor, CTO of Vector Photonics, said, “Vector Photonics’ 1300nm, compound semiconductor lasers enable new levels of PCSEL commercialisation for datacoms applications. Unlike incumbent DFB and EEL data centre laser technologies, PCSELs deliver both the high speed and high power required, in the same device. PCSELs are surface emitting, with light coming from the top of the laser not the side, which vastly reduces packaging costs. We now have four, 1300nm wavelengths emitting from a monolithic PCSEL array, rather than four separate chips, simplifying post-production assembly and significantly reducing packaging costs.”

Vector Photonics’ PCSEL technology looks increasingly like the most viable laser solution for next generation, high-bandwidth, datacoms applications.

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