Vector Photonics is revolutionising how semiconductor lasers will be made.

New start-up, Vector Photonics, produces PCSEL-based, semiconductor lasers – the most significant innovation in laser design and manufacture for 30 years. The company, a spin out from the University of Glasgow this year, will commercialise proprietary technology developed since 2012.

The Vector Photonics’ commercial team, comprising Neil Martin and Euan Livingston, has detailed knowledge of the entire photonics supply chain. The technical team includes the inventors of the all-semiconductor, PCSEL (Photonic Crystal Surface Emitting Lasers) technology itself, Dr. Richard Taylor, Dr. David Childs and Prof. Richard Hogg.

Vector Photonics CEO, Neil Martin, said, “PCSELs are low cost, robust, have a broad wavelength range and high power. This combination of key characteristics gives them a huge advantage over most of the laser technologies used today. This includes VCSELs (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers), which are robust, but compromise wavelength range and power, and EEL’s (Edge Emitting Lasers), which have broad wavelength range, but are expensive to make and are fragile to handle.

“PCSELs emit light from their top surface, like VCSELs, making them easy to package and incorporate into PCBs and electronic assemblies. They are also produced in a similar way to EELs, allowing us to draw on existing supply chain expertise and capacity as we grow.”

Vector Photonics’ initial focus is Hyperscale Datacentre applications, however, PCSEL technology brings critical, new functionality to LiDAR, mobile consumer, biometric and sensing markets.

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