Vector Photonics is pleased to attend the CS International Conference in Brussels this week.

Vector Photonics is supporting the CS International Conference, 28th – 29th June, in Brussels. The conference gives comprehensive coverage of every important sector within the compound semiconductor industry, including photonics integrated circuits (PIC), which are highly relevant to the benefits Vector Photonics’ PCSEL technology brings.

Industry-leaders will be presenting on breakthroughs in device technology; advancements in compound semiconductor devices; and developments in tools and processes that drive efficiency and yield. The Conference agenda themes include faster more frugal networks; building a multi-billion dollar SiC industry; and superior surface-emitters.

This year the CS International Conference is co-located with the ‘PIC International’ and ‘Sensor Solutions International’ conferences. It will culminate in the CS Industry awards, which celebrate the latest and most significant developments in the Compound Semiconductor industry.

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