Vector Photonics’ high-power lasers are on track to revolutionise the 3D metal printing market, with project Bloodline.

Vector Photonics has announced that the BLOODLINE project, developing high-power, 1030nm PCSELs for next generation, 3D metal printing, is on schedule. Bloodline is a £1.5m, Innovate UK-funded, international Eureka project, led by Vector Photonics. This announcement comes ahead of the Laser World of Photonics conference in Munich, this week.

A Japanese, epitaxy manufacturer has partnered Vector Photonics for wafer supply. A group of leading, industrial equipment manufacturers will provide product assessment. The UK’s Compound Semiconductor Applications (CSA) Catapult will provide independent, Accelerated Life Testing (ALT).

Dr. Richard Taylor, CTO at Vector Photonics, said, “Vector Photonics’ high-power PCSELs are set to revolutionise the 3-D metal printing industry. They significantly increase printer performance and could well accelerate market growth, which is already set to quadruple to $10bn by 2025*. The PCSELs have a unique combination of increased power; reduced cost and improved performance – the result of higher resolution and faster printing, along with reduced finishing overheads.”

Project BLOODLINE’s full name is Bright Laser diOdes fOr aDvance metaL addItive maNufacturing systEms.

*SmarTech Analysis: Additive Manufacturing with Metal Powders, 2019.

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