Vector Photonics demonstrates four wavelengths on a single, monolithic, 1.3μm data center chip.

Dr. Calum Hill, Senior Development Engineer at Vector Photonics, will deliver a post-deadline presentation of the company’s latest paper, “Monolithic all-semiconductor PCSELs emitting at 1.3μm,” at the International Semiconductor Laser Conference (ISLC), in Potsdam, Germany. The ISLC conference is used by many photonics companies and academic organisations to launch ground-breaking, semiconductor developments, so it is eagerly awaited by the industry.

The Vector Photonics presentation is no exception, as Calum explains, “Vector Photonics can demonstrate how a simple pitch change on a PCSEL will allow multiple wavelengths on a single, monolithic chip. We have demonstrated the lasing of four neighbouring PCSELs, between 1298 and 1340nm on the same wafer. Each channel is suitable for CWDM (Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing) datacoms applications and has a SMSR (Side-Mode-Suppression Ratio) measurement greater than 35dB.

“The results validate Vector Photonics compound semiconductor technology and opens up new levels of flexibility in commercial laser design. PCSELs (Photonic Crystal Surface Emitting Lasers) already deliver the essential datacoms parameters of high speed and high power, combined with the low-cost packaging benefits a surface emission-based device brings. This latest development offers even more flexibility and cost savings, as fewer lasers are required for equivalent results.”

ISLC is a bi-annual conference which alternates location between Americas; Asia and Australia; and Europe, Middle East and Africa. It is organized by the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut and supported by the IEEE Photonics Society.

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