Vector Photonics announces its 1310nm/25G PCSEL datacentre chip development for ECOC.

Vector Photonics has chosen the ECOC exhibition as the platform to announce the development of its PCSEL-based, 1310nm / 25G chip, specifically targeted at datacentres. It is the first, commercial development of the semiconductor laser start-up company’s revolutionary PCSEL (Photonic Crystal Surface Emitting Lasers) technology.

Vector Photonics CEO, Neil Martin, said, “ECOC is Europe’s largest exhibition of fibre optic communications and photonics-related technologies. This makes it the ideal platform from which to announce our 1310nm / 25G PCSEL chip development and to state our intention to target datacentre applications as a priority. The datacentre market is rapidly growing, driven by the increasing use and demand for mobile devices, Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G. It is also a market where we can validate our technology against the IEEE 802.3 standard for datacoms chips, selling them through multiple, global, sales channels once successful.”

The data centre PCSEL project, known as LOCAL, has received a £280k, Innovate UK, Sustainable Innovation Fund government grant, in collaboration with the University of Glasgow.

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