The Innovate UK-funded LOCAL project helped develop a ground-breaking, multi-wavelength, data centre laser.

Vector Photonics has successfully completed the Innovate UK-funded, ‘Lasers for Communications Applications’ (LOCAL) project. This eleven-month project developed 1310nm, all-semiconductor, surface emitting lasers for next generation communications and data centre applications. This is a huge growth market, driven by the proliferation of mobile devices, the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G.

David Childs, Director of Product Development at Vector Photonics, said, “The LOCAL project was a huge success, with the resulting 1310nm, all-semiconductor, surface emitting lasers delivering to plan, despite the Covid pandemic. Not only did the devices exhibit excellent optical performance, with a side-mode-suppression ratio of 40dB, but they also supported four wavelengths between 1298 and 1340nm, on the same wafer – a break-through in the industry. This led to Vector Photonics delivering a post-deadline presentation at the International Semiconductor Laser Conference (ISLC) this year.

“Innovate UK funding reduces early-stage development risk. The £175k we received for the LOCAL project funded the successful development of the 1310nm laser prototypes. This established a business case to proceed with commercialisation of this revolutionary, new, semiconductor laser technology.”

Innovate UK’s Sustainable Innovation Fund supported project LOCAL, in collaboration with project partner, the University of Glasgow.

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