Sharon Doonin joins the newly appointed ‘Opening up Photonics’ Steering Board.

Sharon Doonin, Business Support Manager at Vector Photonics, joins the Steering Board of the ‘Opening up Photonics’ (OUP) initiative. The initiative was set up to discuss and address the barriers faced by minority groups in Scotland’s photonics sector, aiming to increase accessibility and champion diversity. The newly appointed Steering Board members have diverse experience of the Scottish photonics sector with industrial, academic, HR and business development expertise. They will provide strategic guidance for increased inclusivity – broadening the talent pool, driving innovation, and encouraging growth.

Neil Martin, CEO of Vector Photonics said, “Vector Photonics has backed the OUP initiative since its formation and strongly supports its inclusivity, accessibility, and diversity agenda. Sharon Doonin brings current HR, corporate governance, project and quality management experience to the Steering Board. The managerial roles she has held within large energy, construction, and insurance companies brings an even wider perspective. I am extremely pleased she will take an active role in the OUP’s future and direction.

“We are also pleased that Adam McKenzie, working as a Research Associate at the University of Glasgow on a PhD project with Vector Photonics, is also joining the Steering Board.”

Opening up Photonics is a partnership between Photonics Scotland, the University of Glasgow, the Institute of Physics, and Innovate UK’s Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN). The complete list of Steering Board members includes:

  • Sharon Doonin, Business Support Manager, Vector Photonics
  • Adam McKenzie, KTP Associate, University of Glasgow & Vector Photonics
  • Ben Hanley, Director, Enigma People Solutions Ltd
  • Dr Marie Hutin, Research Grant Manager, Edinburgh Instruments
  • Lesley Laird, Director, Equate Scotland
  • Dr Rair Macêdo – Lecturer, University of Glasgow
  • Jennifer MacDonald, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Project Manager – NMIS
  • Elissa McKay, PhD Student, University of Glasgow
  • Una Marvet, Head of Design Centre, Alter Technology
  • Christopher Payne-Dwyer, Business Development Manager, QuantIC
  • Tracey Skivington, Electro-optics Consultant, Thales
  • Professor Graham Turnbull, University of St. Andrews
  • Kirsty Annand, University of Glasgow

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