Olek and Rebeccas’s ‘Paisley-to-Poland’ aid trip for the Ukraine.

Dr. Olek Kowalski, Principal Development Engineer at Vector Photonics and his wife Rebecca are travelling from Paisley, outside Glasgow, to Poland to help deliver much needed supplies to Ukrainians fleeing the war. They have a huge connection with the people and area. Olek’s family fled the Soviet invasion of Poland after WW2 and Rebecca lived in Donetsk, in Eastern Ukraine, whilst at university and is a Russian speaker.

Olek and Rebecca are taking food and vital supplies with them. Once there, they will use donations from their ‘Paisley-to-Poland’ Just Giving page to buy whatever additional supplies are needed. Just Giving / Paisley-to-Poland.

Olek and Rebecca said, “Many lives have been lost or shattered by this tragic war and Eastern Europe is in turmoil. We care deeply about what is happening and felt we couldn’t just sit back and watch. So, the Kowalski continental taxi service is heading to Poland to help!

“We have been in communication with a Warsaw-based charity, Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Ukrainy (Friends of Ukraine Society) who are co-ordinating efforts to distribute aid and transport refugees, within Poland.

“We thank our employers – Milne Craig Chartered Accountants and Vector Photonics – for their financial support and working flexibility. We would also like to give a shout out to Phil Billingham for his inspiration and invaluable information following his own recent trip to Eastern Poland.”

The team at Vector Photonics wishes them a safe and successful trip.

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