Dr. Richard Taylor is a keynote speaker covering PCSEL commercialisation, at this year’s Optica, BICOP conference.

This week, Dr. Richard Taylor, Chief Technical Officer at Vector Photonics, will be a keynote speaker at this year’s Optica, British and Irish Conference on Optics and Photonics (BICOP) 2023. Richard will present ‘PCSELs: The 2D Laser Commercialisation Journey’, where he will cover the development and commercialisation of Vector Photonic’s all-semiconductor PCSEL (Photonic Crystal Surface-Emitting Lasers) technology. This will also include how Vector Photonics was formed to support PCSEL commercialisation, as a spin-out from the University of Glasgow.

Richard explained, “It is an honour to join such a distinguished field of keynote speakers at this year’s Optica, BICOP conference. It is a great platform to provide an update on Vector Photonics’ PCSEL commercialisation. We have now demonstrated concurrent, 4-channel, monolithic device spectra; power scaling with size, for high-power applications; and coherent coupling in PCSEL arrays, including power scaling and beam steering. I will go on to show the huge advances we have made in our 3D, optical simulation development, where our results are matching actual measurements, indicating a high level of accuracy. Optical simulation is a critical step to the effective modelling of new laser designs.”

Richard joins fellow keynote speakers, Simon Andrews of Fraunhofer UK Research; Wim Bogaerts of Ghent University-IMEC; Harold Haas, of the University of Strathclyde and PureLiFi; Miles Padgett of the University of Glasgow; Francesco Poletti of the University of Southampton and Microsoft Azure Fiber UK; Sebastian Schulz of the University of St Andrews; and Cathy White of BT.

Optica, BICOP 2023 is held from 13th to 15th December 2023 at the IET London Savoy Place. The conference includes speakers, contributed papers, and poster presentations from industry and academia. These cover the latest advances in optics, photonics and quantum technologies and their impact on communications, PICs (Photonic Integrated Circuits), sensors, medicine, manufacturing, and optical computing.

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