Vector Photonics used OFC 2022 to show its PCSELs target the coherent, optical power requirements of CPO technology.

The computing and datacentre industries are demanding faster and faster data processing to keep up with the ever-increasing use of mobile devices, Internet of Things (IoT) and the 5G roll-out. The incumbent electronic-based, data processing technology is reaching its technical limit, where the number of processing cores and their associated cooling need more electrical power than is viable. Co-packaged optics (CPO), a light-based, photonic technology, is commonly recognised as the future of even faster, data processing.

The target specification for Vector Photonics all-semiconductor PCSELs is to deliver the coherent, optical power that the emerging, CPO technology requires. Adam Carter, Business Development Director at Vector Photonics, based in Silicon Valley, explains, “OFC 2022 showed that CPO technology is the clear favourite for next-generation, data processing applications. Vector Photonics’ PCSELs are an obvious fit. They demonstrate the levels of coherent optical power required for CPO, from a single device. They also emit light from their top surface, making their packaging simpler.”

Vector Photonics’ PCSELs are widely acknowledged as the most promising semiconductor laser solution for CPO and next-generation data processing.

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