Vector Photonics’ ‘Fabless’ production model builds essential flexibility, scalability and resilience into its supply chain.

Vector Photonics operates a ‘Fabless’ production model, outsourcing its fabrication to semiconductor foundry partners around the world. Each fab partner has a range of specialist capabilities in design, manufacturing, test and characterisation, as well different volume capabilities and production availability. The fabless model builds resilience, flexibility and scalability into the supply chain, allowing the company to match foundry partners with PCSEL projects.

Euan Livingston, Sales and Marketing Director at Vector Photonics, explained, “Fabless production enables us to bring new, all-semiconductor PCSELs to market quickly. It caters for volume increases; reduces our risk of supply chain bottlenecks; and future proofs us against consolidation, where large companies are acquiring fabs to corner semiconductor supply.

“To be effective with a fabless strategy, Vector Photonics has invested in skilled and experienced design and development engineers, with extensive production experience. Unlike most other fab-lite or fabless photonics companies, this means all Vector Photonics’ design and production ‘know-how’ is kept within the business. The engineers then design wafers and PCSELs for multiple, possible supply routes – a challenge they enjoy which also builds in the resilience we need.”

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