Vector Photonics’ Anna O’Dowd is a winner at this year’s TechWomen100 awards.

Anna O’Dowd, Design Engineer at Vector Photonics, is one of 100 outstanding winners of this year’s TechWomen100 awards. The awards are held by WeAreTechWomen, an organisation established to help raise the profile and influence of women working in technology careers to maximise their potential.

Anna said, “It’s an honour and privilege to be a winner of a TechWomen100 award. I am passionate about science and technology and see this award as my chance to positively influence other women and girls considering technology careers. I join an impressive list of women impacting fields as diverse as technical architecture, engineering, education, and medicine in leading companies such as J.P. Morgan, PWC, NHS, Deloitte, Santander, Amazon, Sky, and Bank of England.”

“My award results from designing an innovative, new, semiconductor laser simulation package for Vector Photonics. The company is developing a new class of laser, known as a PCSEL, which improves laser performance in high-tech, high-growth markets such as datacentres, co-located optics (CPO), telecoms and quantum. Multiple, different elements of a PCSEL can now be designed simultaneously, accelerating laser device development, and fast-tracking the commercialisation of the PCSEL technology itself.”

WeAreTechWomen aims to increase the number of women in tech; support companies wishing to attract, retain and develop female talent; upskill and enhance women’s careers; encourage girls into STEM; and share effective initiatives which build awareness of successful women in technology careers.

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