Graduate, Ibrahim Javed, joins Vector Photonics as Development Engineer, responsible for the active testing of laser devices.

Vector Photonics has appointed Ibrahim Javed as Development Engineer, responsible for the active testing of Vector Photonics’, all-semiconductor, PCSEL devices. Ibrahim is a recent graduate of the University of Glasgow, with a MEng in Electronic and Software Engineering. He also has commercial experience, gained whilst developing the ResDiary Now app for tvOS. His role at Vector Photonics includes set-up of the ‘burn-in’ and quality systems which validate the life-time performance of the PCSELs for next-generation datacoms, additive manufacturing and 3D printing markets.

Dr. Calum Hill, Senior Design Engineer at Vector Photonics, said, “Ibrahim is a great asset to the Vector Photonics team where he is already enhancing our test and quality assurance processes.

“Vector Photonics PCSEL’s allow ‘on-wafer’ testing, where the laser is checked, and its properties verified, whilst still in wafer format. It is a critical advantage over most current semiconductor laser technologies as faulty lasers are detected early in the production process, reducing wastage.

“Ibrahim’s electronic and software capability has enabled him to automate the testing of many different device types. Not only does this generate real-time test reports for production, enabling improved device performance and yield, but it also ensures that test results are consistent between different setups and that rigorous, quality assurance standards are met.”
When Ibrahim is not at work, he likes to restore old cars and play football.

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