Dr. David Childs, co-inventor of PCSELs, joins Vector Photonics as Director of Product Development.

Vector Photonics has appointed Dr. David Childs as Director of Product Development. David co-invented all-semiconductor PCSELs (Photonic Crystal Surface Emitting Lasers), Vector Photonics’ proprietary laser technology. In his new role, David will supervise operations, developing new PCSEL designs into production-ready devices, for datacoms, LiDAR, 3D metal printing and 3D plastic printing – the company’s initial, target markets.

Neil Martin, CEO of Vector Photonics, said, “David brings exceptional, semiconductor laser design and optimisation experience to the company, from design and simulation through to testing and reliability analysis. His expertise extends across surface emitting, continuous wave, modulated, telecommunications, tuneable and swept source lasers. We welcome him to the team.”

David has come from the University of Glasgow’s School of Engineering, where he was part of the Photonic Devices and Systems Group of the Electronics and Nanoscale Engineering Division. Before that, David was with the University of Sheffield’s Semiconductor Device Group. He has a PhD from Imperial College, London; has published over sixty peer reviewed journal papers; and has numerous patents to his name.

His industrial experience began as a research scientist at Marconi Optical Components & Bookham Technology, now Lumentum Holdings Ltd. He has also worked extensively on university collaboration projects with industrial partners QD Laser, CST Global, BB Photonics, Denselight Semiconductors, POET Technologies, II-VI, Huawei, Compound Photonics, Filtronic, and M Squared Lasers.

When not at work, David is a keen hill walker and rock climber, when his young family can spare him!

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